When Is It Time to Review Your Home, Auto and Life Insurance Policies?

September 24, 2020

BHS will help make it easy for you to review your home, auto, and life insurance policies each year to ensure you're getting the best coverage for your current life circumstances. Many people don't realize the difference a few changes can make! It’s also becoming more common for carriers to reevaluate rates and change the cost of policies on an annual basis. The industry is operating with tighter-than-ever margins in recent years due to record insurance payouts from wildfires and other climate change-influenced catastrophes. As a result, it’s likely your premiums may change.

Let our specialists help you shop for the best current pricing and compare policies - you could reap substantial savings!

Some life events mean it's time for you to reassess and possibly update your liability and property insurance--your auto, home or umbrella policies. Others influence your life insurance coverage. The goal of tracking the changes in your life from an insurance perspective is to ensure accurate coverage to protect your property, your loved ones, and reduce your risk of loss. It also makes sense to save money from coverage you no longer need.

Triggering Events Include:

  • Retirement
  • Getting married
  • Kids going to college
  • Home renovations
  • Volunteering on a charity board
  • Gifting heirlooms
  • Purchasing a new home
  • Purchasing a new vehicle
  • Purchasing recreational vehicles such as travel trailers, boats, ATVs or motorcycles
  • Acquiring or selling any valuables that require a separate schedule

If you haven't already bundled your property and casualty insurance, a review is a great time to ask us for bundled quotes. Many insurance carriers offer discounts -- between 5 & 25% -- when you bundle your homeowner's and automobile insurance policies.

In addition to cost savings, bundling policies makes it more convenient to manage your policies, reducing paperwork and minimizing your time online if you need to file claims.