Employee Support & Advocacy

Employee Benefits

Let us simplify your benefits administration and create efficiencies for your team.

Helping you take care of your people is our top priority! Our service model enhances your investment by reducing administrative burdens and helping employees navigate and maximize their benefits with:

24/7 Employee Advocacy

At some point, your employees are likely to be caught off guard by an unexpected medical bill. We save your employees time and frustration by taking ownership of their claims and service issues. Our trained service team, when necessary, will advocate on behalf of the employee between the provider and insurance carrier to resolve issues in less time.

Employee Savings

  • Our team is available to review medical bills and scrub the claims against an explanation of benefits to uncover errors and save your employee money.
  • Save employees time, money and stress with unique telemedicine & virtual visit services.
  • Pricing Transparency: Find low-cost, high-quality providers

Enrollment Support

  • Annual open enrollment meetings and customized benefit guides.
  • 1:1 assistance with benefit decisions and coverage questions.
  • Onsite Medicare services to assist employees and members with transitions to Medicare.

Talk to a Benefits Specialist for help reducing your administration time and supporting your employees.

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