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Invested in Technology

BHS has invested in technology that integrates HR functions and allows our clients to streamline their workflows, easing administrative burden. Our commitment is to continue investing in, and providing these tools to our clients at no additional cost.


  • Employee Navigator – Online enrollment system and platform that handles all employee enrollment and administration.
  • ThinkHR – Integrated HR resources and training supported by live HR experts. Your team has the ability to call/email questions to the ThinkHR team, utilize over 200 online training videos for your employees and supervisors, and have an online resource for all of your compliance needs.
  • MyWaveHR – Value added HR portal providing customizable documents, employee communication materials and compliance updates.
  • Employee Benefit Guides – Customized content for your employees with annual legal notices.


  • Customized Mobile Benefit App – Employees love having access to on-demand help for their employee benefits right from their mobile phone.
  • Analytical Tools – Predictive modeling, rate development and actuarial services.
  • Benchmarking – Are you paying too much? Are your contributions competitive in the marketplace? Are your employees paying more than necessary for prescriptions and driving your overall costs up?
  • Claims Experience Reporting – Do you have an easy way to review where your claims are coming from? What if you could use this information to redirect employees to higher quality care at a more competitive price?
  • Payroll Consults/Vendor Support – Are you looking for a total solution that integrates your HR functions?

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