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Captive Insurance programs offer "best in class" entrepreneurial mid-sided companies an excellent opportunity to take control of their insurance programs, lower costs, be rewarded for their better than average claims experience while fostering safer workplaces. Captives allow for businesses to “capture” unspent claims dollars, “capture” value by stepping aside from the regular marketplace ups and downs, and focus on their own performance and be REWARDED for it. In addition, approaching insurance using a group captive model puts qualifying companies together, creating an economy of scale that also rewards effective claims management, great risk mitigation strategies, and ultimately protects against catastrophic losses by ceding a layer off into the reinsurance world. Those who are in control of their high-frequency claims have the most to gain by securing coverage under a captive model. Captives provide refreshing transparency on premium calculations, claims processes, and overall costs that one typically doesn’t receive in the standard marketplace. Why? Because businesses that adopt the captive approach are CO-OWNERS of the insurance company, and thus are privy to all the inner workings of the model.

In addition, certain higher-risk industries and occupations are sometimes penalized in the standard insurance marketplace, but with a Captive, like-minded business owners are able to band together and create a cooperative specific to themselves that self polices and protects its members, allowing them to benefit from their own personal experiences vs those experiences the actuaries would normally forecast for them based on their industry.

For those looking gain control over premiums, claims, and coverage, all while participating in the distribution of underwriting profits, at Captive is worth a look.

Proven Track Record

BHS has the experience and track record to design captive insurance programs and customizable coverage options for your unique, difficult or expensive risk exposures. Our competitive alternatives to traditional commercial insurance can help you control costs and at the same time protect your business and your people.

Some BHS clients have been rewarded by participating in captives for over 20 years. In fact, many of our captive clients have taken leadership roles in those captives, truly as member/owners.

Get Rewarded For Your Performance

Do you want the premiums of the many to pay for the claims of the few? If you are paying premiums, do you know if they are being spent on your claims or someone else's? What is happening to those unspent claims dollars?

As a member/owner of a Group Captive, YOU receive your unspent dollars back, having grown tax deferred offshore. You run your business well, shouldn't you turn your efforts into another profit center instead of a frustrating expense?

Captive Insurance May Be Right For Your Company If:

  • You want to turn an expense into an asset
  • You have a clean loss record, yet find premiums high
  • You can't find excess liability and directors insurance for more than $25 million
  • You need broad form insurance that’s unique to your business
  • You’re spending more than $100,000/year in premiums
  • Your company is Safety-Conscious, it’s part of your culture.
  • Your company is Accountable, you will go above and beyond in participating in the life of the captive.
  • Your company is Entrepreneurial, Motivated, Forward Thinking, Assertive, Innovative, and embrace the Risk-Reward tradeoff.

Types of Captive Insurance Programs

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Hascall Steel faced a 43% cost increase at renewal. They sought a new partner for compliance support, benefits administration, and a strategic plan for managing healthcare options.


BHS presented a self-funded option and prescription benefits manager to keep costs flat, then worked to reduce costs in the following years. Now, Hascall Steel offers better benefits, better care, and full transparency to its team members at a lower cost.

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