Q: In the wake of the polar vortex, my friend has been borrowing my four-wheel drive vehicle. If they happen to get in an accident—will we both be covered?

February 8, 2019


I would be careful when letting others drive your vehicle. If someone were driving your vehicle and causes an accident, you both could end up in a lawsuit. Even if you weren’t in the vehicle at the time of the accident, you are the owner and insurer of the vehicle. If the not at fault party is injured and sues, you could both be pulled into the lawsuit. Also, if there is damage to the vehicle and your insurance carrier pays out a claim, you could see an increase in rates due to claim free discounts being removed.

If your friend doesn't feel safe driving their own vehicle, I recommend that they stay indoors—or call a Lyft.

Answered by:

Jamie Timmer

Account Manager

20 years’ insurance experience, 13 years at BHS Insurance

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