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What are the advantages of purchasing condo insurance?

Condominium Insurance provides coverage for your unit where your condominium association insurance stops. Your association typically insures the building and other common areas. You are responsible for the interior of your unit. Typically, you need coverage for your personal belongings and liability coverage in addition to coverage for your floors, walls cabinets and fixtures that your condo association probably will not cover. Every condo association insurance policy is different regarding what each unit owner is responsible for, so it is important to review your association policy and condominium by-laws carefully.

How much is condo insurance?

The cost of condo insurance varies depending on factors such as the location, size, and value of the condo, as well as the coverage limits and deductible you choose. Condo insurance is usually more affordable than homeowners insurance since it typically covers the interior structure and personal belongings, rather than the entire building.

What does condo insurance cover?

Condo insurance typically covers the interior structure of your unit, personal belongings, liability protection in case someone gets injured in your unit, and additional living expenses if you need to temporarily move out due to covered damages. It may also provide coverage for improvements or upgrades made to the unit.

How much condo insurance do I need?

The amount of condo insurance you need depends on various factors, including the value of your personal belongings, the potential cost of repairs or rebuilding the interior structure, and your liability risks. It's important to assess your specific needs and consult with an insurance professional to determine the appropriate coverage limits for your condo insurance.

What is not covered by condo insurance?

Condo insurance does not typically cover the exterior structure of the building, as that is usually covered by the condo association's master insurance policy. It also may not cover certain perils or events, such as earthquakes or floods, unless you have specific endorsements or additional policies for such coverage. It's important to review your policy and understand the exclusions and limitations.

Does condo insurance cover water damage?

Condo insurance may cover water damage, but the extent of coverage may vary. It typically covers sudden and accidental water damage within your unit, such as from burst pipes or accidental leaks. However, it may not cover water damage resulting from floods or long-term leaks. It's important to review your policy or consult with your insurance provider to understand the specific coverage for water damage in your condo insurance policy.

Condo Insurance Policy Covers:

  • Your Condo - If your condo suffers a loss, the policy can provide the additional coverage that your association’s insurance policy does not, including accidental damage, along with theft and vandalism.
  • Your Possessions - Parts of your condo are likely covered by your association’s insurance, but your personal possessions probably aren’t. Condominium insurance will cover your appliances, electronics, furniture and apparel.
  • Your Assests - Condo insurance can protect you against personal liability costs in the event you’re ever sued. The policy provides coverage for accidental bodily injury, medical bills, accidental property damage and lawsuits seeking damages.

Optional Coverages:

  • Water Backup of Sewers or Drains - Backed up sewers or drains can wreak havoc, causing damage to floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems. Coverage for water backup is available with a wide array of limits to suit your needs.
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost - Covers repair or replacement of your personal property without a deduction for depreciation.
  • Ordinance or Law Coverage - Sometimes, local ordinances or laws can regulate construction, repair or demolition of your property. This coverage will pay to get you up to code after a loss.
  • Identity Theft Expense Coverage - Provides for expenses incurred when trying to restore your financial identity.

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