Auto Insurance

The following links provide great information regarding the changes associated with Michigan's Auto Insurance Reform that took effect on July 2, 2020. If you have any further questions please reach out to your agent at 800.350.7676.

What should you consider when purchasing auto insurance?

Although cost is usually what drives us to shop for auto insurance, there is much more that you should consider. Michigan’s No Fault Auto reform enacted on July 2, 2020 has provided more options than ever and it is important to fully understand the impact of these options before making changes. Talking to a trusted advisor is critical to evaluate your specific needs.

Coverage Is Key

Not all policies are created equal. If you are strictly looking at price, it may seem attractive, until a claim happens. We find that often when you compare the lower cost you may have also reduced or even omitted important coverage.


We are local. When you purchase your coverage online or through an 800 number you may get a new person every time you call. We are local. We know you. We know the area and are familiar with local claims repair facilities. If you have a question, you have a single contact person to help you from start to finish.

Have a question about Auto Insurance? We know that "one size fits all" is not an insurance option.

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