Streamlining Medical Billing to Protect Your Employees

Streamlining Medical Billing to Protect Your Employees

December 9, 2020

    Now more than ever, your employees are facing the complexities of medical billing head-on. Confusing wording, billing errors, and surprise charges create headaches for working Americans across the country. Despite some of the best doctors, hospitals, and medical universities in the world, the system can be difficult for regular people. What if we could increase the value of your company's benefits package by simplifying medical billing?

    At BHS, we strive to find innovative solutions for our clients and their most valuable asset - their employees! That's why we sought out a low-cost way to add value to your company's health insurance benefits package. This way, we can promote financial wellness by removing employee stress, remove difficult and sensitive medical and claims issues from landing in the HR office, and save employees thousands of dollars when catastrophic events or chronic illnesses strike.

    Job-based Health Insurance became widespread after World War II. This system was designed for insurance companies to directly collect from companies to pay doctors and hospitals -- patients weren't originally meant to receive bills! As medical costs grew more complex, your employees began to see higher deductibles, balance bills, out-of-network charges, and claims denials. With little transparency, an abstract "code" system, and an up to 50% error rate, employees struggle to make sense of these bills and frequently miss mistakes. With this new service, we can verify and compile bills for you and your team.

    • Incorrect Procedures / Diagnosis Codes / Upcodes
    • Claims Denials Like Failed Pre-Certification
    • Out-of-Network Charges
    • High Deductible, Co-Pay, Coinsurance, Coding, Diagnosis, Billing Questions of All Kinds
    • Sensitive Topics Like Mental Health & Chronic Illness
    • Complex Medical Appeals
    • Hospital Stays
    • Plan Crossovers
    • Difficult Situations & Unreasonable Charges
    • Timely Filing
    • Modifiers (Such As TeleMed)

    Working with BHS Insurance Agency means protecting your employees from an over-complicated billing system and catching medical billing errors before your team even sees a bill. Learn more about this service by contacting us at 616-531-1900, or click below.