Staying Connected While Working from Home

Staying Connected While Working from Home

February 1, 2021

    Working from home has grown more popular than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it can make the workday more flexible and safe, it poses challenges for employees and employers alike. In particular, challenges regarding social well-being and connectivity are among some of the top concerns with working remotely. Although it’s tough, there are some ways to stay connected while working from home.

    The concept of social well-being is one that’s often overlooked. At its core, social well-being refers to when basic human needs are met and people are able to coexist and interact peacefully within their shared communities, such as the workplace.

    Social well-being is important, especially when working remotely, as it can help boost your mood and improve connections with your co-workers. Forming these connections remotely can be possible with a little creativity.

    Effective communication can be beneficial while working from home in order to stay on track. According to Clutch, a data-driven field guide for B2B buying and hiring decisions, 60% of employees have spent less time socializing with co-workers since they began working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few tips that might help create effective communication in your remote workplace:

    • Use a variety of communication platforms—There are many communication platforms that are popular for connecting with co-workers while working from home.
    • Create shared calendars—Share your availability, meetings, vacation and projects with co-workers for smoother, day-to-day connection.
    • Be available and respond diligently—Taking the extra effort to let others know they can count on you can go a long way in the world of remote working.
    • Keep your online status up-to-date—When using communication tools, be sure to update your status when you’re away or in a meeting.

    With the pandemic disrupting the flow of daily work life, offices around the country have to find new ways to stay connected with their co-workers. Here are a few helpful ways to stay connected:

    • Communicate via video calls—Schedule group check-ins, turn on your camera and say hello to one another.
    • Participate in team activities—Activities such as recipe sharing, themed dress days or workspace photo exchanges can help you stay engaged and connected with your co-workers.
    • Host virtual happy hours or coffee breaks—Make your Friday happy hour with your co-workers virtual by grabbing your favorite beverage and joining a video call together.
    • Involve co-workers’ families—Your co-workers may be working with kids, pets and other family members at home, so get to know them if they happen to enter a video call.

    Be sure to refer to your company’s communication policy to review its standards.

    Next time you’re feeling challenged trying to stay connected to your co-workers, try suggesting one of the above ways to get connected. A video call, conversation or chat room could bring you closer together.

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