Paying it Forward: BHS Partners with Grand Rapids Griffins in Random Acts of Kindness

March 6, 2017

    It can become emotionally draining to hear such heavy topics on the news every day. This being the case, BHS Insurance and the Grand Rapids Griffins recognized a need for inspiration and kindness (RAOK) in the Grand Rapids community.

    Since November 2016, BHS and Grand Rapids Griffins have teamed up to enact Random Acts of Kindness for strangers in our community. From buying Thanksgiving Dinner supplies to delivering Christmas presents, we’ve been able to brighten the days of several people and families in West Michigan.

    Our Most Recent RAOK: Buying Groceries!

    This month, BHS and Griffins decided to take our RAOK to Meijer, where we offered to buy groceries for randomly-selected strangers in the check-out line. Griffins player Ben Street personally introduced himself and asked random shoppers if they would like their groceries purchased for them on behalf of BHS Insurance.

    It was an amazing feeling to see all of the shoppers so appreciative of BHS Insurance and Griffins to pay for their groceries. Unexpected random acts of kindness—no matter how simple or grand the gesture—are sure to make someone’s day.

    We encourage you to commit to pay it forward with a random act of kindness at least once or twice a month, whether it be to buy someone’s coffee for them, write a heartfelt note for a loved one, or give your leftovers to someone in need.

    See More Inspirational RAOK

    Interested in seeing more random acts of kindness? Check out our videos on Facebook for more uplifting RAOK adventures.