New employees? Start off on the right safety foot!

April 10, 2017

New employees? Start off on the right safety foot by including this information in their new employee orientation packet:

Starting a new job or changing roles within the company is exciting. You will face new and rewarding challenges, and probably meet a roadblock or two before you get the hang of things. Starting off on the right safety foot is vital for ensuring your success in a new position.

Research indicates that new employees are at a greater risk of suffering from workplace injuries than their more experienced counterparts. That’s exactly why you need to take an active role in your safety by considering the following:

  • Understand all the necessary safety measures before starting in your position. If you are unsure of how something works, ask for help.
  • Follow all safety measures at all times and be aware of your new workplace surroundings.
  • Wear and maintain required personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Avoid taking shortcuts.
  • Follow hazard warnings when using chemicals.

As you transition into your new position, be on alert for hazards and potential accident triggers. Do not assume that your previous experience and training will keep you safe in your new working environment.

Getting Acquainted - The Importance of Orientation

Welcome to [company name]! We believe our success is a team effort, and we are excited to have you on board. Even though orientation may seem like going through the motions to satisfy a company requirement, it is vital to your safety and well-being. We’ll provide you with information that will help you to do your job safely, covering topics such as:

  • Safety training and potential hazards specific to your position.
  • Your rights and responsibilities regarding health and safety training, safety procedures and equipment requirements.
  • Emergency procedures and preparation guidelines.
  • ŸRules of the company regarding policies on items such as attendance, holidays and pay periods.
  • We encourage you to use this opportunity to ask questions to ensure that you feel prepared to tackle your new position safely!

Orientation is a great place to meet new people at the company as well as to get to know veterans in the field. Use this opportunity to learn more about others’ backgrounds and interests, while also learning useful information about your position and the company.