Q: My son backed into my parked car in the driveway, creating a medium-sized dent in the front passenger-side door. He is on my insurance policy; should I file a claim?

September 22, 2017


Because your son lives with you and is covered by your policy it cannot be covered by the property damage portion of your policy. Your vehicle will be covered based on the coverage you chose for your vehicle. If you do not have collision coverage, there would be no coverage for damage to your vehicle. If you did elect to carry collision you would have coverage for the damage to your vehicle but it would be subject to your deductible. I would first get an estimate from the body shop to find out if it would be worth submitting as it would also count as an at-fault accident for your son.

Answered by:

Tammy Clementz

Account Manager

32 years’ insurance experience, 19 years at BHS Insurance

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