Q: My husband and I just bought a trampoline for our children. Do we need to add any additional coverage to our homeowner’s policy?

June 14, 2018


The first thing you may need to do is buy a net for the trampoline and establish rules and guidelines for use. You should also call your agent and make sure your insurance company does not have any restrictions for having a trampoline; this can vary by carrier. Another way you can protect yourself and your family is to also place your netted trampoline in a fenced-in yard to prevent unauthorized entry by neighbors.

I would also recommend making sure you have adequate liability coverage and look into adding an umbrella for additional coverage. In the event of a lawsuit – if a non-family member is injured on the trampoline – an umbrella can provide extra protection.

Answered by:

Dawn Parr

Account Manager

35 years’ insurance experience, 10 years at BHS Insurance

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