Q: Is it worth arguing a speeding ticket in court?

September 27, 2018


Depending on the situation, it may prove beneficial to your auto insurance policy to fight a ticket in court. Points on your driver’s license are viewed differently than points on an auto insurance policy. For example, a speeding ticket for 10 mph over the speed limit stays on your driving record for two years with the State of Michigan. On an auto insurance policy, that same ticket is taken into consideration for three years.

If you feel you were ticketed for something you didn’t do or couldn’t avoid, then taking the necessary steps to have it removed from your driving record is a good idea. Should you decide to fight a ticket, be sure that the Secretary of State agrees to completely remove the ticket from your record. Reducing a fine or waiving it entirely does not mean that the ticket has been removed from your driving record history.

Answered by:

Christine Otto

Account Manager

18 years’ insurance experience, 8 years at BHS Insurance

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