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Alternative Risk Financing

BHS provides Alternative Risk Financing solutions with robust tools and dedicated support. We work with select group of clients based on specific needs, and we tailor our solutions to your company.

Return On Investment

At BHS, we have the team members and technology to help maximize the return on your investment in risk management, compliance, incident reporting and claims management. We specialized in moving our clients to risk retention programs that can help control the cost associated with managing risk.

Risk Management

Work with an experienced team of professionals that can help you identify risk that could result in an injury or loss. After evaluation, we will guide you through the implementation of policies and procedures that can help reduce the frequency and severity of a loss.

Incident Reporting

Minimize the impact of an incident with early reporting and documentation using technology that will help you streamline the reporting process. Early reporting will automatically notify our claims specialist to determine the best course of action to minimize the impact of the incident on your company and it’s employees.

Exclusive Tools To Reduce The Cost Of Risk:

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