Ask an Agent: Should I insure my engagement ring?

Q: Is it worth it to insure my engagement ring?


A: Yes, it is! Jewelry coverage on the average homeowner’s policy is very limited. The average coverage limit for jewelry theft in a standard policy is $1,000. Should your jewelry be lost or damaged in another way (other than theft), coverage would only come through a special endorsement on your policy. Keep in mind that the most common jewelry losses we see include items missing or stones lost because of loose prongs. A special endorsement on your policy will provide much broader jewelry coverage.

The average cost to you for special endorsements is approximately $13 per $1,000 in jewelry value and usually do not require a deductible to be paid for a claim. This cost is very reasonable for the peace of mind gained to cover loss/damage expenses for your valuable pieces. If you have questions, your agent is happy to be of service to you.


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Answered by:



     Christy Allen, Account Manager

      20 years’ insurance experience

      12 years at BHS Insurance