Ask an Agent: My car was broken into. Now what?

October 26, 2017
Auto Insurance,

Q: My car was parked in a public parking lot when it was broken into. My laptop and other valuable items were stolen out of it. How do I go about filing a claim for this?


A: First, make sure you file a police report as some companies may require this in order to make a claim. You should call your agent as some companies offer additional protection for belongings in the car under your auto policy as an additional coverage that was purchased. Most companies will have you file a claim under your home policy. Here are a few things to check on:

  • Is the amount under my deductible?
  • Did I have any of the items such as the laptop scheduled on my policy where the deductible would not apply?
  • Do I have an idea of the replacement value of the items?

Be sure to call your agent and they will be happy to walk you through the process!


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