Ask an Agent: What car insurance do I need in Michigan?

Ask an Agent: What car insurance do I need in Michigan?

August 16, 2018
Auto Insurance,

The no-fault law and minimum policy limits were put into effect in 1979; a lot has changed since then.

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Ask an Agent: How long does it take for an accident to get off your record?

​What is on your five-year C.L.U.E report is pertinent.

Ask an Agent: I accidentally drove my car into my garage door. Now what?

Unfortunately you would need to file a claim on both policies

Ask an Agent: Can my auto insurance company deny my claims?

May 02, 2018
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The most common auto insurance denials come from the optional coverages available under our no-fault auto policy.

Ask an Agent: Does my credit score affect my auto insurance premium?

April 19, 2018
Auto Insurance,

Most, if not all, insurance companies have been using some sort of credit scoring over the past 15-20 years to establish their rates.

Ask an Agent: How do auto insurance policies differ for leased, loaned, and owned vehicles?

April 05, 2018
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Whether you own, lease, or have a loan on a vehicle, your insurance policy is going to cover the vehicle the same based on the coverages you choose.

Ask an Agent: How does being an Uber or Lyft driver impact my auto insurance policy?

March 29, 2018
Auto Insurance, Rideshare,

The gray area that you should be concerned about is when the gap occurs; This is when the app is on but you don’t have a passenger or passenger match.

Ask an Agent: How do I get discounts on my auto insurance?

February 28, 2018
Auto Insurance,

Some of the easiest discounts to obtain are discounts for being a part of an organized group.

Ask an Agent: Why are auto insurance rates so high in Michigan?

February 15, 2018
Auto Insurance, Michigan No-Fault,

The combination of the unlimited lifetime medical benefits with a high uninsured driver rate pushes Michigan to the highest auto rates in the nation.

Ask an Agent: Why am I being charged more for insurance with an old car?

February 08, 2018
Auto Insurance,

If you were to take your vehicle in today to get a fender repaired, the cost is not going to be less than it was two years ago. Quite the opposite.

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