Ask an Agent: Best Vehicle for New Drivers?

October 11, 2017

Q: What is the best type of vehicle for a new driver to keep insurance costs down?


A:  Hi Ron,  

There really is no “perfect” vehicle to get, especially when you have a new driver, but I can definitely give you some tips on things to look for!

The more safety features, the better!  The safer the vehicle is and better it does in crash testings, means a better price for insurance. Also, anything with 4 doors versus a vehicle with 2 doors will have a better rating. The 2 door vehicles can tend to be rated a little higher because they might be considered more like a sports vehicle. Size of the motor will make a difference too; so a 4-cylinder will most likely have a better price than a 6 or 8-cylinder. A domestic vehicle rather than a foreign made vehicle will have a better price too - especially if it’s something you need full coverage on.  If there is an accident and parts need to be replaced, the foreign parts can be a more expensive.

If there are a couple different vehicles that you are trying to decide against, give us a call! We can get the coverage rated for you to see what the price difference might be.


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