Beat the Heat - Safety Precautions for working outdoors

May 17, 2017

​Follow these tips to beat the summer heat.

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Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers

Dealing with dissatisfied customers can be difficult. Use these tips to help neutralize friction when trying to resolve customer dissatisfaction.

New employees? Start off on the right safety foot!

April 10, 2017

Educate new hires on the importance of safety in the workplace with this safety introduction letter.

How to Prepare Your Business for an Active Shooter - Part 1

​How to train your staff for an active shooter situation.

Going on vacation? Protect your ID

March 20, 2017
Personal Insurance, Safety,

Preparing for a vacation this summer? Follow these before, during and after vacation tips to protect your personal ID.

Texting while driving kills more teens than drunk driving

February 22, 2017
Personal Insurance, Safety,

10 great tips you can do today to protect your teen. What should you say? How should you say it?

Medical Emergencies on the Job

January 16, 2017

Do not panic if you are the only one around when a co-worker has a medical emergency. Remember these response basics to ensure the employee does not risk further injury until the paramedics arrive.

Safety Meeting Basics

January 04, 2017
Commercial Insurance, Safety,

Since safety should be a top priority, we’ve gathered some tips to help make the most out of your company safety meetings.

Opioids: Addiction, Escalation and Overdose

November 15, 2016
Human Resources, Safety, Wellness,

​Sometimes, workplace injuries require serious medical interventions, including the use of powerful prescription medications. Employers should be aware of the potential for addiction, escalation and overdose.

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